People dancing in london traffic

There's something quite pleasing about this film of people dancing in the middle of London.

Sometimes they find themselves on a set of steps, or out the front of a Subway restaurant; at others they're in the middle of a busy junction with traffic whizzing past of traffic lights, or with their back to an oncoming double-decker bus, moving with such grace and calm it's almost stressful!

It's not advertising, but it could be—and a beautiful ad at that. This film shows our city, from east to west; north to south, in a way that makes it at once appear both hectic and serene.

"The whole basis of Moving Cities films is an observation of cities as they are today, with a magical realist touch," says the description accompanying the Prague episode. The project has now visited London, Paris, Prague, Yerevan and Brussels, with Athens next on the route.

This is such a simple project, yet something like I've never seen before.

Moving London

Moving Cities Website