Content Kings: Mr Porter

Mr Porter, the high-end men’s online fashion store, has a homepage that feels more like a beautiful magazine than a retail destination. It is here that the genius in their content lies. Each week a new issue of their Journal is released; more reminiscent of a Monocle-esque lifestyle magazine than your average fashion-retail blog.

Features range from simple guides like “How to shuck an oyster”, to interview pieces with poignant characters such as Mr José Mourinho and even beautiful films about people who may not usually regarded as deserving of the public's attention, like the non-famous London architect, Edmund Fowles, and his passion for cycling.

The reason we love this content is that the products, though relevant to the story, are not the story. The narrative focuses on what makes Mourinho a good leader, or why Edmund loves cycling. The brand and products still prominent, but woven so tightly—and so subtly—into the feature that sometimes you don't even notice. It feels like a magazine, not an ad—just like the advertorials of yesteryear were intended to, only this time fully above board because, hey, the platform is Mr Porter's to promote itself on as much as it likes.

For instance, watch the cycling video in the link below and notice that towards the end you see Mr Fowles decked head-to-toe clothing that is easily purchasable in Mr Porters new Sport section. Subtle, but obvious. Excellent stuff!

Watch the video here