This mobile company is even happier than Coca Cola

Koodo is a Canadian mobile operator that prides itself on being honest and fair. Apparently, as frustration amongst their competitors' customers has been on the rise, theirs remain happy.

The strip of videos and images featured in the link below celebrate this happiness and are each little morcels of delight in their own right. The videos and images are designed simply to be fun, humorous and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. The art direction and design achieves this nicely.

When all these pieces of content are seen together, their effect is magnified and they become even stronger; almost sickly. Each piece is, shall we say, like ice cream. Or jelly. Or a wafer or chocolate sauce or sprinkles or a chocolate flake… As any 8 year-old will tell you: these are the best things on earth and the only way to make them better is to get a big bowl and put them all together inside it. This bowl is what Koodo calls the 'Happy Hub'.

An environment of happiness and freedom is built up, drawing you in, piece by piece, until you want to puke glitter through your grinning teeth. I'm undecided about whether I like it or not, but I'm sure it will do well on that internet. And there's no avoiding the feeling that they're not like other telecoms companies at the end of it.

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