360° Music Video

Intel have launched a 360° music video collaborating with a Belgium pop star, Noa Neal. Six GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras were placed between Noa and the band itself, on a trailer. The footage from the 6 cameras were stitched using the Intel Kolor Autopano Video Pro software which automatically creates the 360° movie. The software is multi-threaded and thus takes full advantage of the Intel Core i7 processor. (A process that would have taken 2 to 3 times longer on a 4 year old desktop) You can watch the video on YouTube, Kolor, or even Oculus Rift if you're lucky enough to have one to hand.

It's a great concept and we can't wait to see how other brands develop this but the jury's out on the song itself.

Noa Neal ‘Graffiti’