Keep it relevant

I just came across this ad from Ford on Instagram.

I couldn't have put it better than @Kaiffyy's comment above; one of a barrage of others saying the same thing.

Another example: Bang & Olufsen recently teamed up with established cycling brand Rapha for a series on cycling. Both brands are passion brands and share a similar audience—it's highly likely that the same consumer would be fans of both brands. Despite this, engagement plummeted on B&O's cycling posts.

As @Kaiffyy would say, "You're an audio company and your advertising bikes wtf-_-". At best, it's irrelevant; at worst, it's fake, fickle and try-hard.

Having research suggesting consumers have certain interests or hobbies is great. I think brands should absolutely use and act upon this, but we can do better than just saying "Hey, we like that too bro!" It's needy! If we want to be associated with something, we need to get involved.

Example of how to do it right: ABSOLUT
They make vodka yet they bang on about art ALL THE TIME. Why do people believe it? Because they have a history of working with Andy Warhol and sponsor bars at Art Basel, the biggest art event in the world, every year. They are facilitating and getting involved with the scene, not jumping on its overloaded bandwagon.

Keep it relevant.