Our favourites from Cannes

As you all know, last week was the Cannes Festival of Creativity. Champagne, chic and cliché case-videos aside, every year the festival celebrates some truly groundbreaking ideas. Here's some of our favourites from 2015.

Volvo Trucks—Live Test Series
Incredible demonstrations of the advantages of Volvo, using both on- and offline media, including a thrilling 360º camera in hurtling through a bull run! It's climax, The Epic Split, complete with an online game to play at home, was loved by everyone here at Impero.

Southern Comfort—SoutherComfort.com
A truly inspired website for a spirit that people didn't know how to drink. Not only did they inspire people to drink the product, the brand were completely un-precious about it, even letting people add mashed potatoes to their drink if they so wished—Whatever's Comfortable!

Intermarché—Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables
Though it's not digital or social, by increasing awareness about food waste and doing something about it at the same time, this campaign is a great example of practising what you preach.

How Human Are You?
Now that's a link you can't avoid clicking! Reebok's Be More Human campaign used digital tools to make fitness fanatics feel more human; no easy feat. A beautifully detailed website included a 'How Human are You?' quiz that we like to think was inspired by our 'What are You Made By' campaign for Jacob's Creek!

Honda—The Other Side
A personal favourite of mine, this ad introduced a new mechanic to the industry. Not being satisfied to use this mechanic on just any old film, the team behind it directed a story that is deeply interesting and beautifully-shot.

Newcastle—If We Made It
This is in our list for two reasons
1. It is very smart and very brave, from both the agency and the client.
2. While the primary message is 'buy Newcastle' there's a strong secondary message which holds a mirror to our industry; never a bad thing in my opinion, and impressive to win at Cannes like this.

Weber—BBQ Cultures
This website invites you to join people barbecuing in different countries all over the world, using immersive interactive video. This one kept my attention for a long time, as I explored the way people eat across the world.

ALS—Ice Bucket Challenge
Because it was completely U N A V O I D A B L E.

UN Women—The Autocomplete Truth
What we search for online can reveal a lot about us as a society. UN Women used this to prove that gender inequality is still not here, starting millions of conversations to help change this.

Chipotle—Farmed and Dangerous
Again: BRAVE. This restaurant chain decided where it stood on controversial issues in its own industry and spoke out about what it thought was right, against almost every one of its competitors. Not only that, it didn't just make traditional ads to talk about it, it made a TV series.

Of course! Fresh thinking and rather funny.

Under Armour—I Will What I Want
We love this campaign because not only did it get people talking, it then used the divide in their opinions to prove the brand's point, 'Will Beats Noise', with Giselle 'Just a Model' Bundchen working out surrounded by screens displaying disbelieving tweets.

Always—Like a Girl
This beautiful idea to invert a derogatory phrase is based on an insight that anyone—male or female—has likely experienced at some point in their lives. We all have shakes in our confidence and the lucky ones of us remember the moment it came flooding back.

This one may only have won the Grand Prix in the PR category (not Effectiveness) but there's no denying it's won the minds of girls all over the world; and that's more important than any award.

But surely, these two lovebirds are the overall winners?!