Taco Bell go full digital with new website

Taco Bell nail modern marketing. We've written before about their success on Snapchat and brave authentic food photography (more of which can be seen here). This week, the fast-food chain launched ta.co. Yes, that's their website. Just "Taco".

Use ta.co to order food. With their customisable menu, you can literally combine any of their ingredients in any way you like. #Personalised. Then, when you go to collect it, you can jump the queue as a reward for being so digitally savvy. Very millennial savvy! What's more, the site will save your past creations, so you can order that mega-queasy-quesadilla again and again… and again… and again… and… and then eventually get your money's-worth from your USA health insurance! : )

The site also looks poised to become a hub for an upcoming content marketing effort. "The Feed" currently has two pieces listed: a listicle and some recommended listening.

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