“What did AirBnb do? Can we do something like that? It really seemed to work for them.”

It's 2015 and, arguably, we've just about managed to make most of the internet beautiful. But in doing so—with our templates and best practices—have we made it boring? Bland or samey even?

In a world of cookie-cutter websites, this is a long-read that's well worth a skim—or in-depth scrutiny—for anyone working on a new website.

"Donald trawls Google Fonts for ten minutes. There are a few candidates, but Don’s not so confident in his font evaluation skills. He lands on Open Sans. Good ol’ faithful. He sets the actionable headline text to 48pt using the light weight in white. It’s perfectly centred over the stock photo of anonymous hands fondling an electronic device. The semi-transparent overlay assures the marketing team that the headline will always be readable. Because who knows what the headline will be next month—or what stock photo will appear underneath.

Wait, we’ve seen this before. It looks hauntingly familiar…"

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