Netflix reinvented TV and now it’s doing the same for marketing

Netflix noticed a change in people's watching behaviour, and built a bold new service to meet them. The company has listened to its users, been through a clever rebrand and is now a household name across the globe. This week, it's pushing the boundaries in it's marketing, again.

The Netflix Socks are home-made wearable tech that target another observed problem: people binge-watch, fall asleep and then miss a chunk of their show. The socks solve Netflix's slumber-some short-comings by sensing when you fall asleep and pausing your show for you.

Is this the biggest problem facing the globe today? Debatable*. It is a widely relatable irritation, though. And besides, Netflix aren't peddling the socks as break-through tech or stocking them on Amazon for Christmas presents.

Instead, the necessary knitting patterns and electronic instructions are available for free online. Steps include "Set up your IR signals" and "Do a little programming". That's a high barrier to entry if I've ever seen one, but that's not the point: the point is that even if very few people actually make these things, everyone's talking about Netflix.

*If you're American, you might debate the wrong answer here.

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