The NHS uses Tinder as a marketing platform

Social network Tinder has partnered with the NHS, using celebrity profiles to raise awareness about the need for organ donor matches. This is a novel way of making a connection between strangers on each side of the equation.

Over the past few years many brands and organisations have set up fake profiles on the dating app in an attempt at guerrilla campaigns, only to have them swiftly removed. The dating app is still very strict about it's policy of only allowing approved campaigns like this one. As yet, there is no mention on their website of how to have a campaign approved. Because of this abundance of previous advertising attempts, new ones often feel stale. I believe though that if a campaign is a perfect match (excuse the pun) for a platform, then it shouldn't be ignored because it's not trendy in adland anymore. Eg. chocolate = romance & dates = Tinder? If only there was a way around their restrictions…

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