Diesel stuffs every online obsession into a new global ad campaign

It's creepy and compelling in equal measure.

Diesel has created a global ad campaign that systematically ticks off young people's digital obsessions; and the result is an obvious, yet worryingly accurate documentation of society's online behaviour.

Selfies, emojis, texts, and 'liking' to name but a few, all take centre stage in the print, online and out-of-home campaign created by Spring Studios in New York. Particularly revealing is a Tinder-themed GIF, in which a guy 'swipes left' on a girl's face. Delightful.

All in all, whether you love or hate (or likely feel both) that Diesel have brazenly tapped into the blanket of social media driven self-expression, it's a campaign that is as much about the culture as it is about the clothes. And that gives us more to talk about.

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