Odd Orwellian technology to provide new and improved engagement metrics

It's clear that the metrics we currently use in digital marketing could be more enlightening, especially given how often they are cited as measures of success, or the opposite. A million views, does not necessarily mean a million people enjoyed that content. Emotion trackers aim to provide this next layer of information, using a webcam to analyse viewers' expressions based on 49 key facial points.

The advantages this could provide are many, from optimising teasers and trailers, to more in-depth performance reviews and therefore savings on media spend. These are explained in more detail on Marketing Week.

The possible benefits of the technology are clear, and I agree that more informative performance data could come in handy at times. However I hope never to have an emotion tracker filming me while watching an ad—it's just weird! And it's important to remember, as David Carr, strategy director at hugely successful agency DigitasLBi, that marketers should not forget to trust their instinct.

“Hopefully marketers will still occasionally go with their guts. The most famous adverts – Gorilla from Cadbury, Surfers from Guinness – would all have failed in pre-testing."

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