Chat with the news

News provider, Quartz, has revamped its mobile app and it is groundbreaking. It starts a conversation with you about a story and then either gives you more information or changes the subject, depending on how interested you appear to be.

In the second half of last year, this style of conversational UI was tipped as the future, with virtual assistant services like Magic popping up all over the place. Facebook has also been experimenting with 'M', a virtual assistant that can make restaurant reservations, find birthday gifts, and suggest—and then book—weekend getaways.

But Quartz has taken this experimental idea and brazenly rolled it out on a massive scale. Their confidence is great to see. What's more, the app is sponsored by Mini—it's an ad! And yet it doesn't feel like one. You leave the app thinking "that was useful", and it's rare to think that after viewing an ad.

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