Instagram changes their algorithm

You may have heard today that Instagram will be moving to an algorithm based newsfeed in the near future.

This is exactly what Facebook did about 3-4 years ago, at the same time organic reach started it's dive.

It's a shame, it's a great platform and there is a massive backlash online about it – nobody's happy. It means Instagram will decide what is important to you, and show you that content. Currently it is a chronological newsfeed which suits everyone part from shareholders it would seem!

Twitter announced the same just a couple of weeks back.

What this means for us (we predict) is that organic reach will drop – but if Facebook is anything to go by, we predict that ads will become cheaper (Instagram adverts are hilariously more expensive than Facebook's).

Anyway – right now #RIPInstagram is trending. It's not quite that bad. But it is one of the reasons why users love Instagram, you know you see it all, rather than having seemingly random things appear one day, and not the next.

It again will force us all to make sure our content strategy and media strategy are aligned – and we produce only the best content to ensure it's seen and enjoyed.

Read full article here – no fixed date for changes yet…