2017 Social Media Trend Predictions

The slow death of Twitter continues, as the rise of Snapchat heightens in Forbes’ 7 Social Media Predictions for 2017. This year has been lightening paced when it comes to the rise and fall of Social Media trends. On Facebook, micro-video was replaced with video, which then moved on to Live Streaming. Over on Twitter, Meerkat and Periscope both had their 3 months in the spotlight, before the light started to fade. Snapchat has continued to grow, adapting their Discover function and adding Spectacles, creating real waves in the way people consume digital content. As we start creating content for 2017, it’s good to know what we can expect from Social Media in the future. While some of the predictions are glaringly obvious (the continued growth of 360 Video), others (like the rise in real-time posting) offer an interesting insight in what’s to come.