Bots as a tool for creatives

These days everyone seems to be fascinated with bots and AI. The potential is massive, they say, but how could they help creative advertising?

This article explores a couple of methods, and the Taglin3r example is a particularly strong one. The suggestion is you come up with a load of words relevant to your campaign, plug them into a bot and let it spit out a load of combinations. Then you moderate that list and put whatever's left into automatically generated banners. Test those banners to see which gets the highest click through, and the winner is your new tagline—written by a bot and voted for by real conversions.

Of course, the combinations it come up with may be completely nonsensical at first. But then, 'be more dog' makes no sense—just lots of brand love—and because it's never gonna be used by anyone else, it's completely ownable.

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