How millennials are disrupting wine marketing

Watch out, wine snobs. Millennials are officially out-guzzling baby boomers when it comes to wine consumption – 36 percent of wine drinkers in the U.S. are millennials versus 34 percent of baby boomers, according to the Wine Market Council. So how are some brands appealing to this new target audience? They’re busy crafting innovative packaging, clever labels and approachable messaging, all with the aim of breaking down the barriers of entry to drinking wine. Observe below:

  1. ManCan The can that makes drinking wine easier by the poolside, at a game or picnics, accompanied by the tagline – “Shut up and drink.”
  2. Underwood Another wine-in-a-can brand that produces videos poking fun at wine snobs, its tagline is – “Wine doesn’t have to be this hard. Pinkies down.”
  3. Rebel Coast Winery Traditional glass bottles that have stand-out names like Sunday Funday and Reckless Love, with slogans such as “Pairs well with ignoring your parents’ advice.”
  4. The Drop Rosé in a can—or, as it’s sometimes called, “brosé.”

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