Pancakes in paradise

Summer's here, and that means it's time for tropical vacations, and, courtesy of IHOP, tropical pancakes and quirky Facebook Live videos to promote them.

On June 9, IHOP ran its first Facebook Live videos to tout its new Paradise Pancakes, which come in flavours like strawberry passion fruit, banana macadamia nut and pineapple upside down.

The three videos were minimalist. Three stacks of flapjacks appeared on a table on a beach, with no sound except light rolling waves in the background.

With 385,000 video views, the effort was IHOP's top-performing social video to date, and the company plans to do more Facebook livestreams in the future. "We had a captive audience for 171,000 minutes. We also had a high volume of comments indicating intent to visit IHOP, so, mission achieved," Thompson said.

The effort is part of a larger promotion for the pancakes, he added. "It wasn't intended to be a stunt. It's the start of our promotion: We'll create GIFs; we'll create more content. It's a great step for us to take our social media past social posts, and make it much more about engaging in those real moments with our guests."

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