Do it real

In response to the deadliest shooting in American history, the nation’s most powerful pro-gun lawmakers took to Twitter to express their deepest sympathies. Just like they did for the last mass shooting. And the one before that. And the one before that one, too.

'#ThoughtsAndPrayers' has become a bit of a meme, with comedians anddevelopers alike contributing their own talents to the cause. The link shown here though, is a crowdfunding project from Wieden and Kennedy; more specifically a book printed with a collection of condolences from pro-gun politicians who have the power to do something about gun violence, but choose hollow words instead.

In reference to the previous post about faking it, this work instead represents a pure example of a good idea to help a good cause, executed by an ad agency who, let's be honest, doesn't need to help, and with no attempt to attach their name to it for the trophy shelf. Bravo.

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