Don’t fake it

Scooping up a Bronze at Cannes is a huge achievement. Even more remarkable, when you remember you completely faked the project for which you're being decorated. (Read the linked article to find out how).

"The app doesn't even work!", you and your colleagues snigger in hushed tones, feeling like you've just done a runner from the Pizza Hut buffet and got away with it, as you march triumphantly stage-ward to receive the praise and applause you've all worked so hard for.

To the team that won that award: you're the worst. You had the idea—the brilliant, bigger-than-yourselves idea—and you had access to the necessary tech you'd need to make it actually work. Instead, you got lazy and faked it. Your Cannes gains, earned through the heartbreaking story of numerous lives lost at sea, are in fact earned at the expense and exploitation of those innocent lives. A bronze at Cannes is a hell of an achievement, and you have all worked so hard to get there, so well done. That should be rewarded. If you only had focused that hard work on bringing your idea to life, rather than bringing that trophy home.

Despite it's negative tone, for which I apologise, I chose to include this story anyway for two reasons: it highlights a problem with the goals in our industry at large, and also adds more weight to the worthwhile work in the next link.

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