Another video game, this time from Red Bull

This game from Red Bull TV is equally as well-executed as Old Spice's 'You Land' (in a previous post). That's two passion brands spending quite some resource on online games, released in the same week. Why? To me, it signals an evolution in two things: content marketing and web design.

Red Bull is without doubt king of content, (wait, I thought content was king…) Anyway, while many brands are still struggling to find or produce 'cool and authentic things to share', others are moving on. Not satisfied with passive videos, photo-series, editorial and the like, they have achieved passion-brand status and are now able to (expected to?) entertain and charm their loyal audience in active ways, further strengthening that loyalty among those that give up their time and engage. Online games is one example; the next flavour of the month in content, perhaps, of which there will be many more. And you can bet it's passion brands like this that are leading the way.

The second is evolution in web design. This time last year we were seeing cookie-cutter 'flat' websites from every which direction. The web was developing a much-needed system of better design, and many sites are better for it. Advertising, though, is about emotion, and there's no emotion in 'seen before'. Both these sites from Red Bull and Old Spice eschew the boring standard in favour of their own style, building a world that adds to the story they're telling. These designs probably wouldn't please a committee, but they are a lot more likely to stick in the mind of individuals… which would please a committee!

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