Who you gonna call for ‘dual lens’ Snapchat filters?

Sony Pictures is pulling out all the stops to promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie —including a big push on Snapchat that targets folks who may not be familiar with the original '80s version of the film.

The film studio purchased Snapchat's sponsored lens— with the one-day campaign billed as the first campaign on the app that uses both sides of a phone's built-in camera lens.

Here's how it works: When a user presses their finger to the screen to apply a Snapchat lens to their face, a Ghostbuster-sponsored filter is the first one that pops up. Using a phone's front-facing camera, Snapchatters can shoot the character Slimer from the film with a virtual proton pack. The ad also encourages consumers to toggle to the phone's rear-facing angle, which triggers slime to fall down the screen. Meanwhile, the iconic music from the film plays in the background.

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