Encouraging travel against the odds

The world's gone completely crazy. Every day it seems there's a new story of division; our newly globalised world falling apart at the seams. So with patriotism and xenophobia sharply on the rise, why on earth would anyone want to travel outside their own country? After all — no matter where you come from 🤔 — it's the best country in the world.

Travel company Momondo chose to tackle this issue head on, with it's DNA Journey. Members of the public are gathered to be interviewed about how patriotic they feel towards their respective home countries and, when test results reveal they may not be quite so 'pure-blooded' after all, you can literally see new, challenging thoughts occur in their facial expressions.

For many of us, our nationality carries much influence on our personality. This brand boldly suggests and even proves that now is probably a good time to rethink that, as odd as that may be. Brave advertising. And the view count (7M) suggests it's paid off.

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