It’s a meal. Not a competition.

Its a meal. Not a competition.

People are waking up to the social media bubble, en masse!! : D And Ikea is joining them, getting behind an important movement: disconnecting.

With all these social networks in our lives, we believe we are more connected than ever (because that’s what their ads tell us). With further inspection (just a 10 minute google search) it’s clear: the opposite is true. I get notifications from friends in Australia, for example, most days, but have perhaps only actually met them once or twice. We are not connected, we are distracted; distracted from the people really around us, by constant, misplaced, but pretty-pixeled updates from relative strangers.

Ikea’s 18th century Instagrammed feast is one charming way to demonstrate how ridiculous the whole thing has got, and suggests we all relax and get back to real moments shared with real humans.

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