Cats reign king in Clapham Common takeover

A campaign to buy the entire ad inventory of a London Underground station and fill it with pictures of cats has signed a contract with Exterion Media to bring the project to life.

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service was launched in April by Glimpse, and will have a two-week stint at Clapham Common station from 12 September 2016, taking over all poster sites in the entrance hall, escalators and tunnels, though not those on platforms.

Two charities that will feature their feline friends will be Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection, after Glimpse agreed a partnership.

So what’s the aim of this feline frenzy? Interestingly, according to Glimpse Founder James Turner, it’s to encourage people to think actively about how advertising affects them, and how the power of creativity can “help change minds and encourage positive values in society.”

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