Snapchat pursues dreams of becoming a TV-esque media platform

Snap wants Snapchat Discover to be more like TV, and with plans to prioritize the placement of original shows made for the Discover arm of the platform, it looks set to start realising this ambition. Since its January 2015 launch, Snapchat Discover has been a home for daily magazine editions from dozens of media partners including ESPN, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and Vice. But with Snap’s latest obsession being in the TV and the entertainment business, the company wants to place a spotlight on individual shows made for Snapchat Discover. While sources could not say whether Snap plans to create a dedicated area inside the Discover section for shows, the platform has made it clear that shows are now “a much bigger priority” for Snapchat’s progression than previously perceived. Shows are set to become the prominent content in Discover. Snapchat wants to be TV and entertainment, and they want stuff that people want to watch so they can place a lot more ads inside Discover — channeling platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp that have been pilfering its original functionality.