The latest trend in Snapchat ads: 360-degree video

After going full circle on Facebook and YouTube, 360-degree videos have arrived on Snapchat. While Sony Pictures was the first to direct Snapchat users to a 360-degree video back in August 2016, a number of brands including Netflix and Chick-fil-A have run 360-degree virtual experiences on Snapchat recently. Netflix, for instance, launched a 360-degree trailer for its first reality show Ultimate Beastmaster, and promoted it through Snapchat ads last month. According to Michael Rucker, co-founder and chief operating officer at OmniVirt – one of Snapchat’s ad partners – there has been “an uptick” in the number of advertisers looking to run 360 videos on Snapchat because it provides for a far better clickthrough rate and much higher engagement than regular video ads on the platform. It is a good option for brands — especially at a time when recent stats show that 69 percent of American adults skip regular Snapchat ads “always” or “often.” On the other hand, OmniVirt’s clients have seen two to three times more swipe-ups for 360-degree experiences versus other swipe-up call to actions on Snapchat, according to Rucker.