Facebook Camera functionality set to replace News Feed as the main form of communicating via posts

Facebook’s assault on Snapchat’s original functionality is nearly complete. This week the platform launched a trio of features including a fun new effects-filled camera that sits one swipe over from your news feed, a place for disappearing stories, and the ability to share straight from your camera to your friends. The move not only illustrates Facebook’s plan to become the default answer for posting ephemeral content on social, but the bigger play is that this move looks to change the way Facebook’s audience communicate via posts. As TechCrunch identify,‘typing has become more cumbersome on mobile, as has copy and pasting links without multiple browser tabs on screen at once. When we’re out on the go living life, we have more vivid, urgent things to share’. Meaning that direct-posting video, as opposed to status updates which have been dying a slow death,looks set to increase and outrank the former in terms of prevalence on Facebook. From an advertising perspective, Facebook is not monetising the new camera features yet,