Snapchat places greater importance on time spent in-app overgrowth of user base

Snap Co-Founder Evan Spiegel has recently focused media attention on how much time Snapchat’s users spend inside the app, rather than company plans to grow its user base.That’s sound strategy for a company whose flagship product has essentially stopped growing: Snapchat’s daily active user base has been essentially flat on Android,and is slightly down over that same period, according to data from mobile app analytics firm Apptopia. However, as a number of experts have established, more time spent on social platforms in new capacities assigns them more value in the lives of the people that use them, which increases the value and power yielded by such platforms.Active and prolonged engagement over audience size has been the holy grail for marketers and brands alike for a number of years. This indicates that genuinely effective content – which people seek out and organically interact with – trumps inflated audience size built through non-strategic media spend aimed at growing large,