Facebook Groups can now screen new members with a questionnaire

Facebook is making good on Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to build a community by improving admin tools for Facebook Groups. Now Group admins can establish up to three questions for people requesting to join their Group to answer. This lets admins screen potential members to ensure they’re the right fit for the group and will add constructively to the discussion, not just spam or troll the Group.

As a Facebook spokesperson stated: “ Establishing open-ended questions enables group admins to more quickly review and approve member requests; in turn, people seeking communities of support or shared interest can more quickly connect with others.”

This second consecutive security update to protect its users – and the communities they form on the platform – illustrates how seriously Facebook have taken the threats posed by trolls and people looking to disrupt users enjoyment of the service. The broader motivator behind both of these developments is that Facebook want to ensure its active user base are not disincentivized from spending time on the channel.

Source: TechCrunch