Facebook Messenger adds app extensions and a bot store

Facebook Messenger is adding third-party extensions and a new discovery tab in a new effort to make it the primary messaging app for users, and with 1 billion active users as of July 2016 the play to make it consumers first choice is gathering force.

A year after the rollout of bots, Messenger is taking another swing with changes focused on making them easier to find and use. The changes, which were announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference earlier this week could give users another reason to look at bots after what was viewed as an underwhelming debut in 2016.

The access to bots will come through a specific app store. The Messenger home screen will provision a new tab called Discovery, allowing users to see and interact with featured bots, trending bots, and a search bar to look for new ones. The idea is underpinned by a recognition that if you can browse Facebook bots, you’ll be more likely to use them.

Source: The Verge