Spotify has announced it is releasing a Messenger bot for sharing songs with friends

Spotify will be launching a bot for Facebook Messenger users that lets friends discover and share music directly in their chats. The bot, which takes advantage of Facebook’s soon-to-launch chat extensions, includes search tools, music recommendations, and sharing functionality for sending 30-second song clips to friends that can either be listened to within Messenger, or launched in Spotify’s app to hear the song in full.

Of course, you could already paste Spotify links into Messenger before, which would include a preview of the item in question – an image thumbnail and song or album title, for example. But with the new Messenger bot, friends will be able to listen to a 30-second clip in chat for the first time, without having to exit to Spotify.

This not only demonstrates the increasing prevalence of branded bots, but moreover illustrates the trajectory of Spotify evolving beyond a music streaming service into a social platform drawing and engaging a community in its own right.

Source: TechCrunch