Instagram is testing offline functionality

Parts of Instagram could soon work offline; the company is experimenting with offline experiences for users in countries that have low bandwidth, according to a session description on the agenda for Facebook’s upcoming F8 developer conference. Given that the majority of the app’s 600 million users are now outside the U.S.,expanding to regions where reliable internet and data connections are hard to find will be key to maintaining future growth. To fuel the 80 million photos shared on the platform each day,generating roughly 3.5 million likes daily, offline functionality could be key to securing engagement from users who cannot always sign in due to limited connectivity. Facebook has already had quite a bit of success with Facebook Lite, the company’s stripped down app that’s optimized for 2G connections, already counting more than 200 million users.The company is also experimenting with offline video in India.cheec For brands looking to access emerging markets via social,