Pinterest opens up autoplay videos in home feed and search with new measurement tools

Pinterest is adding another ad to its array of offerings, now allowing advertisers to publish video advertising that will automatically play in the home feed and search, as it continues to bulk up and woo advertisers with a different pitch from Facebook and Google.

Pinterest has had to make the argument to advertisers that its 175 million users behave differently on Pinterest when compared to Facebook and Google, or even Twitter and Snapchat. Pinterest users come to the site and dig through products and recipes, among other things, for ideas. They then search deeper into topics, save them, and then eventually in theory acting on them later — either by cooking the dish or buying a product. Pinterest’s pitch is that unlike Facebook and Google, which can offer a compelling ad product for one point of that part of a customer’s buying life, it can offer products across its whole timeline.

The ability to catch those possible customers early on and follow them all the way to the final buying process is something that might entice advertisers, but it still has to ensure it has the advertising products to back it up. Today’s announcement, which opens up autoplay video ads to all partners, gives it yet another argument that it can offer something competitive to Facebook — which has shown that video can have greater engagement and offers a potentially lucrative new source of customers. 

Source: TechCrunch