Twitter is giving brands a new way to promote their chatbots

Twitter has found its own way to participate in the growing chatbot trend. The company recently announced a new feature for advertisers, allowing businesses to promote ads designed to pull consumers into personalised experiences within Direct Messaging – including interactions with chatbots. For example, a brand on the platform is running a bot that can help you with a cocktail recommendation after you provide answers to questions about occasion or flavor. These interactions get started via a promoted “Direct Message Card,” as the new, customizable card for businesses is called.

A brand which is taking full advantage of the new feature is Patron Tequila. With its cocktail bot – ‘Bot-Tender’ – the brand is, is kicking off the chatbot launch with its own Promoted Tweet campaign using the new card style. The Direct Message Card can be customized using either an image or video and up to four call-to-action buttons meant to encourage Twitter users to slide into a brand’s DMs.

The cards are not about pushing people to bots that help solve customer service issues or encourage purchases from the brand in question, as is the focus of many Facebook chatbots. Instead, they’re about getting people to interact with the brand through a private messaging experience that’s meant to be fun, not transactional.

Source: TechCrunch