WhatsApp embraces visuals with filters, albums and reply shortcuts

As has become self-evident, the camera is the new keyboard, and WhatsApp refuses to be left behind. WhatsApp’s iOS app now has three new features, including: filters which can be applied to photos, videos, and GIFs within the platform; album functionality when users send more than four photos; and reply short-cuts which simplifies the process of responding to messages.

Along with WhatsApp’s Snapchat Stories clone Status, these updates shift the chat app’s focus more towards imagery, keeping it appealing to teens while making use of the increasing bandwidth, bigger screens, better cameras, and shrinking data costs around the world. As imagery increasingly replaces text as the primary method of communication across social, WhatsApp’s move illustrates how it is looking to use its own functionality to satisfy this trends field buy consumer demand.  

Source: TechCrunch