Facebook tests expansion of Groups feature

Facebook, used by nearly two billion people worldwide, is looking to revise and expand its current Groups functionality to get more people engaging with it.

The shift in prominence to hero Groups with its own tab – at the bottom of the app in between Settings, Main Notifications & Friend Requests – signals the platform’s nudge on users to more readily access the functionality than they have previously. This change is in line with Mark Zuckerberg’s push to connect more people and add value across the platform, as he set out earlier this year: “More than one billion people are active members of Facebook groups, but most don’t seek out groups on their own – friends send invites or Facebook suggests them. If we can improve our suggestions and help connect one billion people with meaningful communities, that can strengthen our social fabric.”

The broader play for Facebook in championing Groups is to take the platform back to its original proposition in offering a real social value to its users, while also aiming to increase the amount of time users spend engaged – and possibly finding further channels new ways to reach them with branded content and targeted media.

Source: The Telegraph