Facebook Messenger continues to innovate functionality to achieve its ambition as the #1 messaging app

Facebook has been on a mission to make Messenger the no.1 messaging platform, and with its latest series of updates the service looks set to keep more of its engaged user base locked into the service.

The most recent functionality changes have focused on making the video chatting experience more ‘fun’ – or as some have dubbed, more ‘Snapchatty’. The clearest example of this mirrored functionality has taken the form of Facebook reactions (Like, Love, Haha, Wow and Sad) now being available across video chats on Messenger, where all reactions will animate on the screen and then disappear. This move should come as no surprise, as Facebook reported that over 2 billion reactions have been shared across Messenger since its introduction to chats.

Users are now also able to theme and capture their Live video chats – a level of personalisation that will not only challenge its competitor’s Live video offerings, but give users reason to spend longer on Messenger and pick it above other comparable platforms.

Source: Adweek