Snapchat’s Foursquare and Factual partnerships double geofilter usage

Borrowed location databases are paying off big time for Snapchat. They allow users to turn any nearby landmark or business into a stylized geofilter that they can overlay on their photos and videos.

Before Snapchat partnered with location data providers Foursquare and Factual, only a few popular boroughs, cities, and places had their own geofilters. It also recently added a user submitted geofilter option inside the app that’ll let creative types blanket their favourite spots in Snap graphics.

Making geofilters scalable so that even people in small towns around the world can use them has massively boosted viewership. Earlier this week, Snapchat revealed figures that illustrate that geofilters are viewed over 1.5 million times by message and Story viewers every minute. That equals 2.16 billion views per day.

The considerable daily utility of Snapchat geofilters globally illustrates that despite stagnating user figures, the platform is in a strong position to further engage a huge number of active users and keep them locked into the platform for longer – and away from its direct competitors.

Source: TechCrunch