Facebook tests ‘going Live’ from Facebook Camera, Live Stories like Instagram

Facebook is testing a new way to “go Live” on its social network – an option that was previously available by pressing the “Live” button on the Status update box. Now, for some users, the ability to “go live” – meaning start a live video broadcast – is appearing right within the Facebook Camera screen, alongside other options, like the ability to use Facebook Live Audio, or create a GIF.

What’s more, the new feature also offers you the option to go live just in your Facebook Story, as opposed to sharing your live video in a regular Facebook post. Or you can “go live” both in your Facebook Story and post at the same time.

By making ‘Live’ ever more prominent, it’s clear that Facebook are nuding its massive user base – from private individuals to brands alike – to go live more. Meaning? We could be on the cusp of a massive shift in how users operate and engage on the platform.

Source: TechCrunch