LinkedIn set to launch new video sharing functionality

LinkedIn is set to roll out a function for natively uploading videos onto the social network via its mobile app. Users will soon be able to take and upload videos with LinkedIn’s updated in-app camera or upload clips from their phone’s camera roll. The native video feature is currently being tested in the US with a batch of users and publishers, and LinkedIn plans to bring the functionality worldwide in the coming months.

Videos can last up to 10 minutes, though the professional networking platform recommends a shorter length ranging between 30 seconds and five minutes, and in similar fashion to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn will count a video view after three seconds of play time.

LinkedIn’s move to strengthen this functionality demonstrates the increasing importance being placed on users being able to easily share their own video content on the platform, especially through mobile. As video continues to drive the increase in social sharing, it’s clear that LinkedIn are looking to engage a greater pool of users, encouraging them to spend more time on the app with the ability to easily post and share videos with their community.  

Source: UK Business Insider