Twitter’s stagnation continues

Despite glimmers of hope reported in Q1 for Twitter earlier this year, the numbers are in for Q2 and it’s not looking good for the embattled, 140 character posting platform.  

Epitomising Twitter’s decline was news for Q2 that the company’s user growth stalled during its second quarter – in fact it didn’t grow its monthly user base at all last quarter – sending shares diving by more than 10% in premarket trading.

In line with faltering user increases, Twitter has started to emphasize its growth in daily active users. The goal is to convince Wall Street that its eyeballs are more valuable than Facebook’s eyeballs because the service is much more engaging, and people spend a lot more time looking at Twitter multiple times throughout the day. Better engagement means more expensive ads, which means that the company will be able to restart its engine.

Source: Business Insider