WhatsApp hits 1b active daily users while its Snapchat clone ‘WhatsApp Status’ soars to +250m

Facebook is winning the race to bring Snapchat’s Stories format to the rest of the world before its originator. WhatsApp Status, its version of Snapchat Stories, now has 250 million daily active users. That’s despite it being relegated to a secondary tab in the app, opposed to being front and center on the home screen like Instagram Stories (which also now has over 250 million users).

Furthermore, this engagement with its Stories functionality – as well as Whatsapp voice and audio calls – has led to 1 billion total daily users and 1.3 billion monthly users. This means a remarkably high 76% of WhatsApp’s monthly users come back daily. WhatsApp users now send over 55 billion messages per day, including 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos.

The surge in user utility has seemingly strengthened the business case for considering how and where WhatsApp fits into the mix of marketing channels.

Source: TechCrunch