Facebook and Instagram get redesigns for readability

Facebook is overhauling the design of the News Feed to make it more legible, clickable and commentable. Specifically, Facebook now makes it much clearer where threads start and end in comments. Meanwhile, Instagram today received a redesign itself with comment reels now being threaded so you can have sub-conversations in public.

Facebook is adopting the Messenger bubble style for comments. This will make threading more obvious, but also encourage the rapid-fire conversations people typically have in private messages. Facebook has made its navigation and feedback buttons bigger and easier to recognize with a new unfilled line drawing style.

This reformatting, which Facebook’s design team described as a way to “make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating”, demonstrates the relentless pursuit of the most engaged social channel in creating a perfect user experience that ultimately keeps more people locked in for a greater period of time.

Source: TechCrunch