Facebook furthers WhatsApp monetization efforts with verified business pilot

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has launched a pilot that will let businesses communicate with the messaging service’s one billion daily active users, with a blog post suggesting it will launch a dedicated app and business accounts program for small-to-medium businesses.

In a blog post this week, WhatsApp announced the SMB monetization efforts and revealed that WhatsApp users can ascertain if a business has received verification by a “yellow message inside a chat.” In addition, it states that if a user has already included a business’ details in their address book, it will appear under the given name within WhatsApp, otherwise the commercial entity will be identified by a name it has chosen for itself.

WhatsApp users can also block specific businesses from contacting them, but will not be able to delete specific messages within a chat once they have started communicating with them, according to the post.

Source: The Drum