Facebook Messenger Day hits 70M daily users as the app reaches 1.3B monthlies

Facebook has finally revealed how its Snapchat Stories clone is doing, though it’s not seeing the same explosive growth as Instagram or WhatApp’s versions. Messenger Day now sees 70 million daily users posting and viewing photos and video slideshows six months after launch.

For comparison, Instagram Stories took just two months to get to 100 million users, while WhatsApp Status reached 175 million users in merely 10 weeks. Both of those now have 250 million daily users each while competitor Snapchat has 173 million dailies for its whole app.

The aggressive jostling for dominance between these platforms, as well as routine ‘borrowing’ of functionality on the part of Facebook and Instagram over the past twelve months, has characterised how each has sought to capture an engaged user base at a time when audience time has become fiercely competitive.

Source: TechCrunch