Snapchat is enjoying engaged user base than Instagram despite repeated functionality cloning

Figures released this week by BTIG Research indicate that user time spent on Snapchat has grown by almost 20 percent over the past six months.

Even though Snapchat’s total user base is growing much slower than people expected, the amount of time its users spend using the app is growing – despite Instagram replicating its Stories functionality.

Snap users spent a total of 32.8 minutes per day with the app, up from 30.3 minutes per day in Q1, and 27.5 minutes in Q4 2016, according to BTIG’s data. If you look at users under 25 years old, they spend 42 minutes per day on the app, up from 33.4 minutes in Q4 –  a 26 percent jump. Instagram’s most recent metric is that its users under 25 spend “more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram.”

The takeaway here is that Snapchat is still growing user engagement through fitting its service and functionality to meet the wants and needs of its audience – tied to its increasing use of original programming.

Source: Recode