Snapchat to launch augmented reality art platform

Snapchat plans to launch a new augmented reality art platform featuring pop artist Jeff Koons and others. It will allow art to be pinned to specific locations in augmented reality so users can see it when they hold up their phones in the right spot. Snapchat will solicit sign-ups from artists who want their art added to the platform.

Essentially, when users are nearby a piece of Snapchat ART, they’ll see a special Lens available. An indicator will direct them which direction to look until the location marker is in frame, at which point they’ll see the AR art on their phone. Perhaps users will be able to find Snapchat ART on the app’s SnapMap, though Snapchat haven’t confirmed that yet.

The ART launch could help reinvigorate Snapchat as user growth has slowed, revenue expectations were missed, and competition from Facebook and Instagram Stories remains fierce.

Source: TechCrunch