Twitter trials expanding tweets from 140 characters to 280

Twitter for the first time is expanding beyond its 140-character limit, the company announced this week. The social network says it will now try out a longer limit of 280 characters in select languages, including English, in order to allow people to share their expanded thoughts without running out of room to tweet.

The feature will initially be made available to a small group of users for the time being, as the expansion is considered more of a test than a large, public rollout for now.

The company says that it came to the decision to expand the character count because it realized this limit unfairly impacted those tweeting in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and French – as opposed to others, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. 

The bigger play for the platform is a complete revision in how its users engage and interact with the world around them. In the same week that Twitter received the green light to execute a raft of live streamed content, the expansion of character lock illustrates how the social network is fitting the platform to meet the behaviours and genuine demands of its users.

Source: TechCrunch