Instagram has been testing new platform functionality

The Next Web this week unearthed a number of new features that Instagram is currently testing. ‘Instagram appears to be finally working on a native Regram button. It’s a feature many users have been waiting for some time. Currently, users wanting to reshare content have to either save the image or video to their device and re-share it from their own account, or call upon one of several third-party apps like Regram, a popular Android option.’

Instagram is also looking at playing with GIF functionality by utilizing GIFY – the internet’s largest GIF platform – allowing users to comment on and react to posts with GIFs.

Finally, the platform is looking to let users save their Stories in a personal archive. The feature seems pretty straightforward and would keep posts in the app for nostalgia’s sake.

What this all points towards is ways in which Instagram is looking to improve its core functions in line with current consumer behaviour and preferences.

Source: The Next Web